About Us

So Who Are We?

The Hope Coffee Company Ltd. was formed in 2018 by Mark & Jacqui in Norfolk. It is the culmination of our passion for good tea and coffee (and cakes of course) and a desire to create a commercially successful business with a social conscience and a community spirit.


We love our coffees, teas, chocolates and biscuits but believe that wherever possible the products we sell and the ingredients we use should be sourced ethically, organically and sustainably.

Sustainable Sourcing...

means that wherever possible we use products which are free from plastics and materials which cause harm to the environment during their sourcing, processing or disposal.

Ethically Traded...

means HOPE and respect for our suppliers.

  • Producers in developing countries are paid a fair price for their work by trading practices which are fair and not one-sided.
  • Prices paid are fair and sufficient for producers and workers to earn more than enough to meet their day-to-day needs.
  • Producers and workers have a voice whether organised into groups or involved in workplaces where there is freedom of association.
  • Safe working conditions, non-discrimination and welfare of children.

Local Social Action...

means HOPE specifically for families and individuals struggling with low incomes and homelessness.

  • A portion of our profits will be donated directly to locally based charities in South Norfolk and Breckland.
  • We will seek to offer training and employment opportunities to local workers.
  • We will look for opportunities to support and strengthen local communities and charities through events and 'pop-up' cafes.
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and of course, we HOPE you enjoy our fairly traded teas, coffees & hot chocolates.