Private Hire

Our Piaggio Ape and the services of our friendly barista staff would be delighted to support your private event with hot & cold drinks, including alcoholic drinks where required.

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let's get this party started...

Adults and children, at your house or hired venue, indoor or outdoor.

Decorate our Piaggio Ape with balloons and streamers and put your greeting on the doors.

Get your photo taken in the cab - she has a lovely smile

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and they lived happily ever after...

You know those awkward times when those who arrived early are waiting outside the church for everybody else to arrive and then hanging around between the service and reception?

Ideal times to serve them hot drinks and get conversations going and introductions made.

Our Piaggio Ape has been designed to allow us to serve hot drinks from one side and G&T, Prosecco and of course Espresso Martinis from the other.

Why not customise our Ape to reflect the theme of your wedding? Add your special greeting to the doors and include it in your photographs!

There is no "standard" wedding or party package. You tell us what you would like and we will work with your ideas and budget to make your day special.